From COTA to OT Student: The Unique Journey of Being a Student Forever and Ever

From my experience, there aren’t many blogs from a COTA’s perspective, and there certainly aren’t many from the perspective of people who have been both OTA Students and OT students, so I am sharing my story of my little journey to help connect, educate, and possibly amuse people about all things Occupational Therapy. I am so excited to share this outlet, along with my newly launched vlog (I can at least fake writing, the vlogging part will be very amusing for everyone involved). It’s gut wrenching to think about people watching, but if you are interested: OTA and OT Salary and Pay from OTA Perspective

Try to judge minimally. I tell myself I can delete anything on the internet and it never happened. Right?

I recently had to leave the job that I love behind, as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant in an outpatient pediatric clinic in San Antonio. My husband and I had to relocate for work (he’s in the Army). This means I have an awkward amount of time before OT school starts. Truly awkward. I can’t work full time. I can’t work in the setting I was working in. It’s like I am going back in time and now I am experience-less in the eyes of employers because who wants to hire a person to work PRN (aka occasionally) that has essentially no experience in that particular setting outside of clinical? I’m sure I’ll find some kind of COTA job while I am in OT school, but I have a feeling it is going to take much longer than I would like it to.

Fortunately, I am enrolled in a pre-requisite class that I have to finish in order to start my OT program in the fall–Into to Stats. It feels like baby’s first college class after the rigor of my OTA program. At 28 years old (with my baby face), I am surrounded by bright-eyed, fresh faced college students. I would probably blend right in if it weren’t for the dress code 18 year old students tend to have at 8:30 a.m…. Pajamas. In my OTA program, we either had to wear scrubs or business casual, so this has been a drastic, but wildly fascinating jump for me. It feels like three steps back and one step forward, and I am excited to dissect this journey and all of it’s goodness with you.

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